Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Husband set Trap…. Drama As He Busts His Wife redhanded with Boyfriend in The Bush {Photos}

A man who suspected his wife was cheating set a trap and busted his wife doing it in a bush.

Chronicle reports that when the husband suspected that his wife was having an affair he set a trap.

The wife, Faith Mathe (28), reportedly accompanied her husband, to board a bus to Bulawayo. Little did she know he had dropped at the airport, went straight to Emaplankeni where he spent the day monitoring his wife’s movements without her noticing.

Faith phoned her lover Simba Shoko telling him that the coast was clear. He drove to her house.

“The woman came out after about 30 minutes. The two drove along airport road and turned into the bush near Garikayi houses where the husband caught them having s**x,” said a source.
Faith stormed out of the vehicle and attempted to flee but a crowd had quickly gathered.

The boyfriend Shoko (38) was saved by the police who handcuffed him before taking the two away. Shoko claimed the affair was three months old and he wasn’t aware Mathe was married.

Faith owned up to the affair. “He knows I am married because I told him. I don’t know what came over me to do this,” she said.

Shoko’s wife Precious arrived at the station, slapped her husband accusing him of being a cheat.

“So this is the bitc* you have been spending money with. Today you stole my $1 so you could buy airtime to phone her,” she screamed.

Shoko and Mathe were released from police custody after being fined $20 each.


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