Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Mother, 44, Seduced a Schoolboy, 15, With Photos of Her Br3ast and Had S3'x With Him {Photo}

Karen Seldon 
The mother of a schoolboy who claims he was seduced over Facebook by a 44-year-old mother allegedly found the 15-year-old at the woman’s home wearing ‘just his boxers’, a court has heard.
Karen Seldon, from Abercarn, South Wales, is accused of having sex with the teenager at her home after allegedly sending him explicit images of her breasts and bottom over social media.
It is alleged that, before enticing him to her home on two occasions, Seldon sent him a Facebook message saying: ‘Let’s get naughty’.

Today, the boy’s aunt told Newport Crown Court how she and the boy’s mother stormed around to Seldon’s house after a friend of the boy texted them to report the alleged affair.

She told the jury how they forced their way past Seldon into the property where the alleged victim was shirtless and pulling up his jeans.

Seldon denies four charges relating to sexual activity with a minor and says the schoolboy is a ‘fantasist and liar’.

The aunt told the court: ‘We heard voices from outside.

‘When we got inside we saw him in the kitchen with just his boxers on.

‘She (Seldon) was quite drunk. There was an argument, but we just wanted to get him outside.

‘We left after getting him out. Then we went home and my sister rang the police.’

Prosecutor Suzanne Thomas told the court how Seldon and the boy were allegedly interrupted by the aunt and his mother after they had started kissing at her home.

She said: ‘They were about to go upstairs when there was banging on the door.’

There was then a confrontation which results in ‘a great deal of shouting and scuffling’, the court heard.

The boy’s mother also gave evidence about the alleged confrontation, telling the jury: ‘She was wearing a black and white dress that barely covered her bottom.

‘She asked me if she could put some clothes on so I gave her a throw and said to her that she didn’t mind flashing her private parts to my son.

‘I asked her what she was doing with my 15-year-old son and she said she was sorry and had made a mistake.’

Seldon has denied ever contacting the boy over social media. She claims the alleged affair is a ‘sexual fantasy’ that the schoolboy created so he could boast to his friends.

Describing his claims as ‘completely untrue’, Newport Crown Court heard she told police: ‘He sent me a friend request a few months before. But that was it. He was never at my house.’

James Evans, defending, asked the aunt whether the injuries Seldon was found with later that day – including bruising to her neck and arms – was caused by any of the intruders. She denied anyone had been physical.

Mr Evans also suggested the young boy had not been in the property at all that evening and that family members had simply accosted Seldon in response to lies the boy had spread.

He also accused the boy of fabricating the accusations in order to show off to his friends.

He told the boy: ‘Everything you told the police that day about your sexual conquest of Karen Seldon was just your sexual fantasies about her. Nothing actually happened.

‘It’s something you have fantasies about, things you told your friends to look like a lad and a legend amongst your little peer group, that is what it’s really about.’

The teenager had previously told police that his friends had called him a ‘lad’ and a ‘legend’ for the alleged affair.

When he spoke to police, the boy alleged that Seldon had forced him into the car. But he later admitted he ‘fully consented’ to sex.

Describing the alleged offences, Miss Thomas told Newport Crown Court: ‘She asked him whether he liked role playing and asked him to send pictures of himself.

‘She sent him a message saying: ‘Let’s get naughty’ and asked him to come to her house. She took him into the living room and told him that she wanted him.’

The court heard Gwent Police failed to find any of the incriminating messages on the boy’s Facebook page and the teenager claimed he had forgotten his password and deactivated his account.

Mr Evans told him: ‘It’s convenient for you that you forgot your password. I suggest you deliberately forgot your password because if your account was recovered the messages wouldn’t be on there.’

Seldon denies four charges relating to sexual activity with a minor. When she was arrested she denied having any sexual activity with the boy and denied sending him Facebook messages.

In a police interview, she said: ‘The boy is nothing but a fantasist and a liar – the truth will come out. He has a vendetta against me and my daughter.’

PC Laura Hancock of Gwent Police, who arrested Seldon in the hours after she was reported to the boy’s family, said Seldon was drunk when she arrived at her home.

She told the court there was no DNA evidence of the boy ever being in Seldon’s car and that his T-shirt – which he told police had been left at the house – had not been recovered.

The case at Newport Crown Court continues.

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