Tuesday, 29 September 2015

SHOCKING!!! Saraki's Paid Protesters In Abuja Are Just Disgracing Him

Bukola Saraki's protesters couldn't even differentiate between IMMENSELY and IMMENSALY, yet they want the media to take them serious? In fact, in another banner Senate is spelled as SANATE. Lol! 

Nigeria is indeed a funny country! In saner climes, if you know your hands are dirty, the best thing for you to do is to stay in your house quietly and be shopping your dirty money. If you dare come out to say you want to seek public office, all those who know about your past dirty deals will expose you.

www.worldgistentertainment.com observed that in Nigeria, a man who knows that he is dirty, will put himself forward for a big office and when those who know about his many sins decide to expose him for prosecution, he will start shouting from the roof top; "they are witch-hunting me o, they are witch-hunting me."

So, who should they witch-hunt if not you that want to enjoy our money? Please, all thieves can't be caught same day. All armed robbers can't be killed same day. All evils can't be punished same day.

Once you leave your home and come out with dirty hands, be prepared to defend yourself if you are caught by the law. Forget about others, even in China there are still many corrupt people walking free.

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