Saturday, 6 October 2018

7 Signs He’s Using You And Not Really In Love With You

You are depriving yourself of the opportunity to really pursue the love that you deserve; the kind of love that you really want. So how do you know if he’s just using you or not? Well, here are a few signs that you need to be keeping an eye out for:

1. He never really adjusts to your time.

Everything that you do in your relationship is always done on his own time. He never adjusts to you. He is always making you adjust to his schedule. He is selfish and he doesn’t care much about anything other than himself.

2. He doesn’t talk to you about future plans for your relationship.

He doesn’t talk about the future of your relationship because he really isn’t interested in having a genuine relationship with you at all. He knows that you’re going to eventually get sick of him using you; and so he’s just making the most of the moment.

3. He asks you for money to buy personal items for himself.

He treats you like his personal trust fund. He’s always getting as much money from you as possible just so he can buy stuff for himself.

4. He asks you for way too many favors.

It’s as if he’s treating you like his personal maid. He has you running errands left and right. It’s as if your entire existence is based on making his life easier. And yet, he never does anything to return the favor.

5. He has a reputation for using women.

If he has a bad rep already, then you know that that is a genuine concern that you just can’t ignore. If he has treated women terribly in the past, what’s to stop him from treating women terribly in the future?

He doesn’t give you a sense of commitment and security. He doesn’t really give you stability or consistency. He’s hot and cold – and you notice he’s only ever really nice to you when he knows that he’s going to be able to gain something substantial from it.

7. Your friends tell you that he’s using you.

Of course, you shouldn’t be basing your love lie on what your friends think. But that doesn’t mean that you should be disregarding the things that they tell you as well. They are looking out for your best interests; and if they smell something fishy, then you can at least check things out for yourself.

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