Saturday, 6 October 2018

My Oga’s Wife And My Brother (Must Read)

For the first time in my life I heard a man say “my body is the temple of my wife alone and I will keep it holy for her” I felt very stupid and pushed my breast back into my bra. 

It was the most horrifying moment for me, I felt like a slut. My boss is the most principled man I have ever seen and it just makes me want to have him and forget that he is married. Few weeks later, I saw a beautiful lady in my house, I live with my younger bro, we share a 3bedroom flat. 

I greeted the beautiful lady and went straight into my room,hours later I started hearing moaning sound, the bed sounded like it was going to break into 2, her voice was so very loud I had to increase the volume of my TV set, she was crying like a kid, and was wondering what my kid bro was doing to her. When I heard a finishing sound of orgasm, I quickly rushed to the sitting room so I could see her face and match the moaning sound I was hearing in my head, so they came down and I took a good look at her, her face look very familiar but I did not ask I just went back to my room after I locked the door behind them.
Next morning I went to my office, my boss called for a meeting in his office and we all went. 
As he was busy talking to us, I was busy looking at the beautiful picture on his table, I could swear on my life that that was his wife I saw in my house, but I was not too sure because she was on a more responsible attire in the picture. I kept looking and my mind kept telling she was the one, but I was not sure. I was just waiting for the meeting to be over with so I ask my boss the name of his wife, and I can go home and ask my bro.

I was still thinking when my boss got a phone call from the front desk and he quickly rushed the meeting so we all stepped out. Walking out from my bosses office lol and behold I saw that same lady that was in my house walking into his office, I rushed to the front desk and asked who she was and they said it was my bosses wife. I smiled in my heart and began to plot her downfall. I told myself, I must marry your husband.

Credits: Niyi Daram

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