Saturday, 1 December 2018

Court In Shock As Barrister Beaten To Coma By Vigilante Group In Abuja, Few Hours After Call To Bar

A young barrister, Adeshina Okeya, has been allegedly beaten to coma by a vigilante group in Abuja,

few hours after call to bar as a barrister and solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria.

Reports revealed that he was beaten when
coming from a celebration party with his friends by a vigilante group.
A friend however confirmed that Okeya was not dead, but still in coma.
One of Okeya’s friend said:
“This Friday is black! Too black! How can you be saying congratulations one minute and the next you’re typing RIP OKEYA! You were so full of life yesterday, you were happy and bubbling at Supreme Court, teasing and smiling as ever! And now you’re gone. Can someone tell us it’s a dream?”
Okeya is a graduate from Ekiti State University and was also the faculty of law president of his set.
Okeya’s friends has been writing lots of tributes to him, hoping and praying that the perpetrators are brought to book.


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