Sunday, 2 December 2018

I Tried To Ruin His Life But He Texted Me To Say: He Wants Me

Nice work you are doing with Lively Stones,I am always looking forward to reading your articles everyday. I am 33 years old and I live in California.
I work in a company as a Front Office Executive and I liked one of my supervisors very well. His name is Trey (not real name).

I loved him I think. But he was
married but that did not stop me from flirting with him.I just wanted him to give the green light and I was ready to be down with him. He kept pushing me off and saying,I like you girl,you fine,you s*xy but I am married you know.

Well,that did not stop me. I kept flirting with him at any opportunity that came my way. One day,he came in quite late and I noticed he was not himself all day. During lunch,I went to his office and asked him what the problem was. I convinced him I wanted to help as a friend. He tried to resist but he ended up telling me that he had a fight with his wife .

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I knew that was my opportunity so I jumped in and tried to cheer him on. I convinced him that his wife didn’t appreciate him like I did and I convinced him to sleep with me. I waited until everyone had left that day after closing and I went to his and had sx with him on the desk. This continued for the next few days;after work,we would stay back and fck.

I think about a month later,he said he was done and wanted to stop. He was working things out with his wife. I did not like that and I told him he would regret this. I felt he used me while he had issues with his wife and now he wants to dump me for her. I knew we were in this together but I felt used all the same.

Days later,he was still rejecting me. I was feeling so down and I could not help it. I went and made a s*xual harassment complaint and he was fired because I made a statement that he as my supervisor threatened to have have me fired if I did not sleep with him. I knew I lied but I was in a dark place at the time.

I thought I would someone get what I wanted by making him go through this kind of pain.
He left ad ever since then,my guilt has been so immense. Sometimes I felt like confessing but I know that would mean,I could loose my job.Now,I hear,his wife also left him after she found out he was fired for s*xual harassment.

I reached out to him and sent a text saying I am sorry for his divorce.
Trey responded by saying,now we can be together,call me. I have been staring at the text message for two days.

I do not know if he is serious or he is trying to fool me or trap me. I admit I still like Trey but after what I made him go through,could it be real that he wants me or what?
I may be finally getting what I wanted,Trey to myself alone. Maybe he realized he liked me too….Please advice me on what to do…

Alicia,from California

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