Tuesday, 4 December 2018

I Want To Break Up My Engagement -Should I Wait For Him?

I have been thinking of leaving my fiance for a while now. The truth is,we have been engaged since 2016 but we have been having infidelity issues. Sometimes we break up and make up after a while.

I love him but I have been praying to God for strength to leave him as he has not done right by me.
Jide (not real name) has been unfaithful to me several times.

I mean, even though we have been together for almost 7 years in total,he has never been one to stay faithful. It was because of his infidelities that I broke up with him finally two years ago. Sharp guy,he quickly went and got a ring to propose to me.

Of course,I said yes. I said yes because,my friends said,having a ring among all the girls makes me the one with the trophy,they said,if we got married,he would stop misbehaving and yes,I was heed over heels in love,my friends were getting married,the idea of being engaged sounded so surreal to me.

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But how was I mistaken. Being engaged never stopped Jide from cheating. He flirted with ladies on Instagram. I caught him at a party with another lady too. I broke up with him..he would beg and beg me…and foolishly,I would forgive him. This was my life until five months ago. Now,I had had enough..I was going to leave him for good.

Truth is,I met someone and we started friendship. He encouraged me to leave my relationship with Jide. He treated me nicely,with respect and I was hoping the relationship would move to the next level so I could finally have the guts to call it quits with Jide. While I was thinking this,four months ago,Jide had an accident.

Jide’s accident was so severe that he was bedridden for seven weeks. I could not bring myself to break up with him while he was sick. I stood by him and nursed him to health. Now,he has been discharged and wants to make amends with me. I know Jide too well. He is begging to be given a second chance as usual. Well,not this time.

This new guy has been patiently waiting for me to break up with Jide but with the accident,he mellowed down. Now that Jide is out of the hospital,we have started talking again. He says he cannot wait much longer. Jide is discharged but he is yet to be back on his feet as before. He is still going through therapy because he has serious injuries.

My question is,can I leave Jide now or wait for him to fully recover? What if this new guy is not able to wait that much longer…what should I do please?

From Charity,


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