Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Ladies Beware: Protect Your Man From So Called Friends! This Happen To Me

I dont know why women are their own enemies. But as a guy,my advice to women would be,beware
of other women. Yes,beware. Especially when it comes to love,I will advise women to be careful of their own women friends.

So I met this chick last year.Lets say her name is Angel. She is a top executive in a Manufacturing firm. I met her in an elevator on my way home from an interview.

Here,I was,feeling so down and dejected. I had finished school like three years and still no job. This job interview I came for,the second stage,I was told that was the end of the journey for me as they had better candidates they had chosen. So here I was,in the elevator,lost in my sad thoughts when a lady joined from the next floor.

All I noticed was that there was a lovely perfume in the elevator as soon as she came in. It caused me to look up and I smiled. I said: nice perfume. Thank you,she said. As we both stepped out of the elevator,I looked up at her and caught her looking at me still and I smiled again. She then called me over and said,whats with the smile?

I told maybe cos I was stunned by her beauty. Indeed,she was a beautiful lady. She asked me what I came to the building to do,I told her interview but I lost the job. She then invited me to see her the next day,gave me her card and that is how I started to date Angel.

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When I met her,I didnt have a job ,she helped me get a job with one of her close associates. You see,Angel is a big shot COO in this firm she worked. She was 35,single and very beautiful. Any man would kill to be her man. So she basically hooked me up,tushed me. I am 28 years old but age aint nothing. I liked this chick and she liked me.

The only problem was her friends. You know,she had some high class girl friends who didnt like the fact that she was dating someone below her level. They called me gold digger and all sorts. But Angel didnt give up on me. She even helped me with money to get my apartment. I think at some point,I was beginning to fall in love with Angel.
But that feeling turned off when her friends who used to laugh at me or called me names,started taking interest in me. Angel was so naive she didnt even notice when her friends started flirting with me. I mean,we would be hanging out and before you know it,they were flashing their boobs and lady parts when Angel wasnt looking.

I didnt plan to be ungrateful to Angel but the temptation was just too much. The girls started coming to my place. They would literally come one after the other. I tried but eventually whats a man got to do,I went for the kill.

Angel’s friends were busy f*cking me and saying bad things to her about me. I felt really sorry for such an innocent girl. So I decided to stop messing with them. They in turn went and told lies against me to Angel. One told her that I borrowed N5million from her but refused to pay her back. the N5m she gave me willingly when the going was good with us.

Anyway,Angel got angry and broke up with me. Ladies,you may have been praying for the guy you are dating to propose and he is not yet gotten to it for a long time,please checkmthe kind of girlfriends around you,some of them dont want to see you happy.

All my explanations and efforts to explain to Angel that he friends are jealous  of her fell on deaf ears. And I already beginning to like this girl. Maybe even love her.
The only problem now is,how do I win her back with these her friends around?

We broke up a few days ago,I have been thinking of how to make things right with her,any ideas please..this girl is a real wife material…I just dont want to loose her without trying to win her,but her friends have poisoned her mind,how do I make her change her mind and take me back?



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