Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Help! My Boyfriend Is Not Man Enough.

A close female friend of mine called me this afternoon to tell me her ordeal yesterday been sunday.
Plsss, matured advice only.

I myself don't know what to advise her on, so I promised her tomorrow that I will give her advice base on the help of my nairaland family.

She said she went to her boyfriend's place yesterday. They have been dating for two months now. One thing led to the other and everything ended up in cex. But she got the shocker of her life which she didn't disclose to her boyfriend. The guy doesn't know nothing about cex. instead of arousing her, he went straight to satisfy himself and left her still boiling with desire.

She would have teach him how to satisfy a woman if that was the only problem. But that wasnt. the main problem is that the guys joystick is so little that she didn't feel nothing inside her when he was pumping her with all his strength.

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She said she loves the guy and doesnt want to hurt him bkx he is very kind and loves her with his whole heart. But she is the type that loves quality sex so much. She vowed never to cheat on her future husband but if she end up with this guy that vow will be but a mere word. She is 25 and the guy is 34.

She wants to know if she should continue or quit the relationship? If u support any, give also the reason she should.

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  1. Please tell your friend the following things:

    1. True love conquers all sin and shortcomings alike.
    2. The penis like every muscle shrinks from lack of use (She should compare her hands and she'll see what I am saying.)
    3. Any guy who has NOT been using his penis frequently at 34 stands the chance of being a top performer once he is given the right environment and tuition. He is also likely to remain in top form until late age.
    4. His lack of sexual skills is also proof that he is NOT a dog. Slotting his penis into every available cu**!
    5. If she wants to own this guy, she can use her skills set to capture him for life.
    6. She should just remember, "whoever wakes up the cobra from sleep should be good at escaping its venom". When he becomes addicted to her, she shouldn't decide to walk away.
    7. Lastly but not the least, the first time is NOT the best moment to measure a guy's capability. Anxiety plays a major role in a guy's ability to live up to expectation. (Ladies, please learn this truth. The more I want you, the higher the likelihood I will NOT hit the target on the first try). Stop expecting a lot on the first attempt and you will NEVER be disappointed.