Friday, 11 January 2019

I Didnt Sleep With The Guy, We Just Romanced And He Just Cum Inside Me Small

This got sent to a relationship Community on Instagram Called Relationship and Life (RAL)

She wrote:

" Good evening Ral family .
I am in a mess now .
My boyfriend saw a crazy text message I sent to some guy just to collect money from him, I told the guy that I was pregnant and needed to abort it,
Ral I have never slept with the guy, we just romanced and he just cum inside me small but I was not pregnant just wanted to collect money and my boyfriend saw it and took it personal.

He took the engagement ring he gave me back , forced it out of my hand and kicked me out of his house without letting me explain.

Ral please I am sorry I did not sleep with him per day , I never dated him it was just money I wanted to collect and this rubbish happened.

I am using this opportunity to reach out to my boyfriend here because he is fan to please forgive me and let me explain.

It was just pranks I did not mean it Ral I don’t even know what I am saying I am depressed please save me this is his handle @************_*****, please his phone number 081********. Please help me I will kill myself if he does not hear me out.

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