Wednesday, 9 January 2019

My Husband Wants To K!ll Me With $3x

I’m having trouble with my husband.
We have three kids and have been married for five years, so we’re well out of the honeymoon period.
We’re both in our mid-30s and have been together since we were teenagers.
I really thought as men got older their s**x drive declined, but it’s the opposite with my hubby!
I don't like s**x that much but my husband wants to kill me with his big
He bleeps me almost anywhere and whenever he feels Hot at home..
I'm really getting tired of this marriage because of this...
 I thought he might be insecure so I talked to him about it, but it turns out he just loves s**x!
I love him to pieces, but I can’t keep up!
I’ve tried telling him all this, but the words “No, love, not tonight” just don’t register with him.
Help me

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