Tuesday, 8 January 2019

I Am In Love With A Man That Is Not My Husband

I think i’m in love with a man that isn’t my husband. I have a long history (going back to school
days) with this man. Even though we’ve always had an attraction, we’ve never got together.

We are now both married and we are having a texting affair. Neither of us wants to leave our

I Met This Beautiful Lady On One Of My Official Assignment

I met this beautiful lady on one of my official assignment. We exchanged number. We connected on

SM and we started chatting almost everyday, even deep into midnights.

She was shy and I am shy too.

From our chats....I knew, I have to break the ice first.

Though, the green light was all over....

We both agreed to meet again. She flew down and I and my friend picked her up at the

"Yea, I do cheat on you" - Lady explodes

YES, I do cheat and sometimes i dont care. i dont want to **** you, not sure why but i really dont
find you attractive anymore. you finially caught me and either you’re dumb enough to believe my lies or just lying to yourself. im not going to stop either.

I Cheated On My Husband And I Feel Great About It.

This past weekend, I did something I thought I was never capable of doing. I had $3x with another man who wasn't my husband. Yes, you read right.

The best part about it is that I feel great *dancing*. I thought I'd hate myself for doing it. But I don't. I thought I'd regret it. But I don't. I thought I'd feel

Monday, 7 January 2019

Confession: Love for my step-daughter

I write this now as my feelings have become too strong to ignore or suppress. Do not mistake that I am somehow confused over my feelings only deeply saddened.
I am tormented by them. I lie awake at night reliving small moments of time with her. I wake ridden with anxiety over the possibility of not seeing her. I linger over

I Cheated on My husband today

I Cheated on My husband today


  Cheated on my husband of over 10 years today. We have 3 kids. I did it with a married ex-coworker (boss) 16 years older than me.

I have found him attractive for months and we secretly met today for lunch and drinks

How Do I Stop Sleeping With My Ex-boyfriend?'

What steps would you take to stop yourself from being $.e.x.ually attracted to your ex while you are

to be married to another person.

 My name is Folu and I am a 28-year-old lady who is set to wed in the next three months. But I must say that I am in a big trouble at the moment because I can't seem to stop having $.e.x. with my

"I Caught My Wife With Her Ex, How Can I Divorce Expressly? See My Reasons

Met in 2014 November.
Dated for 11 months. All these while she was so homely and accommodating.

She would call to let me know about her movements even when I did not ask for.

She would apologize at any slight opportunity.

It was all rosy.

The parents kept calling and advising me not to let other ladies win me over.

They would visit or call my parents at every given opportunity and I felt "this is it".

Memories: Emenike Displays Ojukwu, Okwaraji, Yekini, Keshi's Pictures In His Mansion

Nigerian Football star, Emmanuel Emenike opened his mansion in Owerri on Friday the 4th of
December 2019.

Emmanuel Emenike decided to honour great personalities, legends he admires. They are all late except himself.

The football star honoured the following dead people by placing their portraits in his mansion.

Those honoured by

This Shocking Thing Happen After Nigerian Lady And Her Uncle Lodged In The Same Hotel

A debate has been sparked online after a lady and her uncle lodged in the same hotel room and slept on the same bed after his arrival from abroad.
Report has it that the uncle, a bachelor who is based abroad - came back to Nigeria for the festive season and