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My name is Uchenna, a 42-year-old man with serious pains in my heart. I feel that I have been used and dumped by a woman I loved with all my heart and I have vowed 
never to trust any woman again as long as  I live.

In fact, I pity the next woman or women that would come my way because I will take out my vengeance on them and they will suffer for what Ogechi did to me. No woman will be spared this treatment I have undertaken to hand to them.

I know many of your readers will be wondering why I am sounding this way but I am sure anyone who finds himself in my shoes will react the same way, if not worse.

I am a businessman based in Lagos. After serving my master for 12 years, he set me up in electronics business and by the grace of God, my business expanded and I struck partnership with some Asian businessmen and became a major distributor for their products in Africa.

All the while, I neglected my private life as I built my business to an enviable height but my parents were always on my neck to get married. In fact, there were rumours in my village that I had sacrificed my manhood for riches and that was why I was not in a hurry to get married and have children.

The last time I went home about two years ago for our age grade meeting, many people looked at me in a funny way and most of my friends gave me a wide berth and that more or less made up my mind for me. I confided in an aunt that I needed a wife and urged her to recommend one for me.

Some few weeks later, my aunt introduced Ogechi to me, telling me she was a very homely, decent and innocent girl. 

I had to travel home to meet her and I was struck by her natural beauty and shy nature. One thing was glaring: her family was very poor and even their house reeked of poverty but since I was determined to marry Ogechi, I decided to uplift their family status, something my mother tried to talk me out of.

Immediately we had our introduction, I decided to build a new house for them, set up her two brothers in business and open a boutique for Ogechi. Eight months later, we had our traditional marriage and settled down to marriage life.

But due to the nature of my business, I had to travel out of the country often. Little did I know that my young wife was not as innocent as she had seemed at first until she became pregnant.

When she was about to put to bed, it became very difficult as she was in labour for three days. It is worthy to note that in my place, a married woman who committed adultery would find it difficult to give birth unless she confessed but I never thought that was the case until some elderly women from my town were invited and they urged Ogechi to confess if she had committed adultery.

The caveat is that such a woman must confess in her husband's presence and he must forgive her before she would be able to put to bed, so I was called in and Ogechi confessed that the pregnancy she was carrying was not even mine, that she had a lover who often came to stay in my house and sleep with her on my bed whenever I was away.

I passed out on hearing this and good a thing I did because I would have strangled her with my hands but by the time I came to, she had been delivered of the baby but I never want to have anything to do with her and her bastard baby.

I am hurting seriously at the moment. Some of my friends and even my Reverend Father has urged me to forgive Ogechi and take her and the baby back but I can never get myself to doing that.
Am I wrong in taking this decision?

Dear readers, on Morning Teaser today, we ask: would you forgive a spouse who brings in a lover into your home to defile your matrimonial bed?


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