My name is Jerry and as I am writing this, I am very angry and 
disappointed at a woman I loved with the whole of my heart and hoped to make my wife sometime this year.
I met Princess about two years ago and it was a kind of love at first sight as we fell in love almost

immediately. I thought the passion would die off but instead, it get growing till I knew she was the kind of woman I wanted to spend my life with.

The only thing that seem untoward with Princess has been her closeness to Brenda, whom she said has been her childhood friend. They lived together and did a lot of things together, including taking their bath.
I did not see anything wrong at first but later, I became apprehensive but Princess would tell me I should not worry as they are like sisters.
I also noticed that Brenda was not very happy when Princess introduced me to her. In fact, she behaved like a jealous lover whose girlfriend has been taken over by another man.
We had our introduction last year and we had fixed May this year for our wedding but I am not sure I will be able to go through with because of what I witnessed on February 14, the day recognised all over the world as Valentine’s Day.
Early that morning, I had planned to give Princess a huge surprise and had spent a fortune buying up some expensive gifts.
I wanted to wake her up with the gifts, so I drove to her house as early as 6am and without calling her that I was coming I had never done. 
When I got close to house, I parked my car outside and climbed the stairs to the self-contained apartment she occupied with Brenda, being very careful not to make any noise.
When I got to the door of the flat, I heard some noises which without being told, came from lovers having sex.
But curiously, I did not hear a male’s voice but that of two females. I distinctly heard the voice of my fiancée because she is a very vocal lover when it came to sex. I was confused. I tried the door handle but it was locked from the inside.
I managed to prise the window open and was met with the most bizarre sight I have ever seen. There was my fiancée lay spread-eagle on the bed, with Brenda using a kind of dildo tied to her waist, ramming into her.
The shock at what I saw made me scream aloud and the two lesbian lovers quickly sprang apart, their eyes locking into mine. I had to practically run away from the scene.
Princess has been trying to get to me to explain but I doubt if I will ever want to see her again. But something in me tells me to forgive her and pretend as if I did not see anything but the man in me says no.

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