I demand for Cash before B*ng!ng with My husband- LADY

Why on earth would a wife demand for money before having sex with her legal husband?


50-year-old Chibuzo Obiedefu, is asking a Customary Court sitting in Lagos, to annul his 7-year-old marriage to his wife, Philomena, on the grounds that she demands for money
before allowing him to sleep with her.

Obiedefu told the court that his wife treats him a like a sex customer instead of her legally married husband as she refuses to have sex with him if he does not pay her.

But on the other hand, his wife, Philomena, says she does not ask him to pay for sex but actually demands for money to take care of their children as he is an irresponsible father and husband who prefers spending his money on women outside and on drinks.

The issue of wives demanding for money for sex has been on the rise with many men complaining that their women demand for money before they would perform their conjugal duties.


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