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I have an insatiable appetite for s3x

As soon as I had my first sxual experience at 17, I knew this was a hunger I would probably never be

able to fill.

I have been a sxual person as long as I could remember. I discovered porn when I was 14 and since
then, the idea of watching other people having s3x had always fascinated me.

I broke up with the boy who deflowered me because he could not keep up with my se3ual needs. Whenever I visited him, I would ask for s3x again and again until he was tired. I would get angry and cry whenever he refused me after 2 or 3 rounds. I would yell at him and called him names.

Eventually, he broke up with me. I have, since then, tried to find someone who can fuk me to my satisfaction. I knew I had reached a new level months ago.

I had just moved to Lagos when I got a job and left my family behind in Port-harcourt.  I live in a self-contained apartment. There were two apartments on my floor. The apartment opposite me was the home of a single guy, Mike. He and I soon became good friends.

Our friendship grew, and we started having s3x. We did not make things exclusive because he had a girlfriend, but I enjoyed him.

However, I soon started dating this guy, Yinka. Yinka was a nice guy and because I liked him, I broke things off with Mike.

I said I could not have s3x randomly with him like we used to do. Yinka would come over almost every night and we would make love up to three times a night.

I was finally glad that I had found someone who could keep up with me se3ually. One night, he came over as usual and we had se3. But after I started to touch him for a second round, he told me he was tired and needed to sleep.

I was not pleased to hear this and rubbed my naked body against him. I stroked his d1ck and whispered dirty things to him. I guided his fingers frantically to my wet pussy and begged him to fuk me.

He got angry and told me to leave him alone. I got mad too and told him I'd fck someone else if he didn't fck me. He ignored me. I got out of the bed, and tied a wrapper around myself.

“Where are you going?” he asked. I stormed out of the room and he followed me, reminding me it was after midnight and demanding to know where the hell I was going in just a wrapper. I angrily opened the door and walked out of the house.

He came up behind me but before he could reach me, I had reached the opposite door and began knocking for Mike. Mike soon opened the door, and I closed it behind me before Yinka could enter.

He began banging the door and yelling and threatening me but I yelled back, telling him he was a useless fck and I needed a good d1ck. I grabbed Mike and asked him to fck me right there in the living room.

He was in shock and I angrily pushed him on the couch. I bent down to give him a blow job while Yinka kept knocking. Mike soon got hard and I stood up, held on to the couch and asked him to get in me from behind. He obliged and entered me.

I started moaning and yelling as he fuked me hard and fast. Yinka stopped knocking as soon as he heard me moaning. He began pleading for me to come out but I ignored him.

Yinka got angry again and began banging the door. His anger was turning me on and making me even hotter and wetter. It seemed to make Mike happy too because the harder Yinka yelled, the harder Mike thrusted into me. I screamed hard, digging my nails into the couch and felt myself cum all over his d1ck.

He soon grabbed my ass and came hard into my wet, hot pussy. We both moaned in pleasure as we came.

By now, Yinka had stopped knocking. I held on to Mike’s hand and we went into his room. That night, Mike fuked me three more times.

By morning, my pussy was aching and happy. I eventually went home to see that Yinka had packed up all his stuff.

I knew in my heart that he was never coming back.

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