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I Have Never Ask S3X From My Girlfriend Since Our Relationship Started

I know most of the guys here in nairaland will blast me and tell me all sorts of bullshits but the truth is bitter, after being leftout and heart broken by the girl I love so much,

I made up my mind that girls will never play with my heart again so I went online in search for help
and got it with a havy magic weapon the book 'How to make girls chase by chase Amante' i read the book for 100% and practise every single exercise in the book...

It works like magic I started with with my level mate before I knew what was going on I have already bleeped seven girls in a month, I was like Oh my God I have arrived I will deal with girls since they play with my heart... I became a player and womanizers to extent I was able to dis.virgin a girls but she left me after discovering I was a player...

I continue my journey to become the Motherfucker but to tell you the truth I wasn't fulfilled at all... I was meeting different kinds of girls inviting them over using my magic weapon against them... Everything change when I met a girl currently my girlfriend and the woman I will love to spend the rest of my life with.... Initially my intention was Bleep her but I was shocked when i discovered she was a v.irgin and in my mind I was Today is your lucky day I use my magic weapon but it turns out to be a fiasco... For the first time in a long run a girl didn't fall for my magic.... To cut the story shot.

She told me that, she can't give me what I want, she said I have to earn it, there are way other thing she can offer other than sex. I was shocked that's was when my life change, my prespective about girl change and I realize I was going astary, I had change for good atleast let me Give love one more trial.... it took me complete 9 months for make her fall for me and agreed to be my woman and am enjoying every moment I have been with her and I love her like no other, although a night came she asked me deflower, but it wasn't the right thing to do cuz I was enjoying love, affection and the happiness that was missing my answer was 'NO' told her it was not the right thing to do and when the time comes I will be the happiest guy to unravel the Under....

My Advice to guys out there, most of us think girls are cheat but the truth is that there are decent, responsibe, truthful, honest good and amazing girls that will offer you a wonderful and fulfilling life apart from sex... S.ex is important in a relation but It doesn't determine the good fate of a relationship... Don't let sex making you to miss out the things that matters in a relationship.....

Punching Bag!!!!!!

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