I H@te Being Fingered But My Husb@nd Loves Doing It All the Time – Woman Complains Bitterly

A woman has shared a story on social media about her husband which has left people stunned.

The woman shared her story on break_or_makeup telling her audience about her husband’s love for fingering her.

According to her, even though she hates it, the man loves doing it and this is causing frictions in their marriage.

Below is how she put the story:-
I hate being f1ngered and my husband does it a lot, I have pleaded with him to stop it but he will not listen, but rather he  picks offense and threaten to cheat on me. It is that part i hate so very much tp hear, I say i hate something instead of you to adjust you tell me trash.

We had a serious fight yesterday and he angrily packed few of his stuffs and angrily drove out. I reached him this morning and a lady picked up. I almost cried out my eye balls so I called my mum an explained all that happened, and all she could say was that bI drove him to another woman’s…

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