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It Was A Mistake! 'Should I tell my husband his best friend had se,x with me?'

If you found yourself in the shoes of Uloma whose husband's best friend slept with, would you tell?

"My name is Uloma Onyekachi and I have been married for eight years with two adorable children.

What I am going to share with your readers may sound a bit far fetched and I am sure some of them will blame me but I beg you to read through this
piece before condemning.

My husband, Chidi, has always been a serial womanizer and never cared how I felt about his philandering.

I have lost count of the number of times I have found condoms in his trouser pockets and even under our bed anytime I come back from a journey, which means he even brings his women into our matrimonial home.

I have borne all the insults with the calmness of a Godly woman while praying for him to change but he kept at it and the stroke that broke the camel's back came when he got a young lady in our church pregnant.

The pain was so much that I had to park out of our home and went to stay with my sister. After a while, he started sending his friends and relatives to beg me, including his best friend, Marcel.

Marcel had come to my sister's place when she had gone to work and while pleading with me to go back home, he began complimenting me, telling me things my husband had not told me in years.

I found myself responding to his words and before I knew what was going on, Marcel took advantage of my broken heart and I found him on me, having sex with me.

When he was through, I was so ashamed of myself and I have not been able to tell how it happened.

I have confided in my sister and after scolding me, advised me to open up to my husband but I am afraid what the outcome would be.

Please what should I do?

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