Man Almost Killed Himself While Experimenting With A Condom Over His Head (Video)

In a viral video circulating online, a man nearly killed himself after pulling a condom over his head. Whether his actions were done out of curiosity or intentional, we don’t know.

But this incident takes us back to when condoms were first introduced and curiosity was on an all-
time high. Especially after its durable strength was advertised people were eager to know it’s durability strength so they started experimenting on condoms.
They experimented by pouring buckets of water into a condom, but alas it stood firm. And so it came as quite a surprise when incidents of torn condoms during sex was recorded.

Anyways we hope the gentleman is good and alive because the myth surrounding sex and everything in sex including condoms have driven many people into attempting suicideWatch the video below:….

Video Credit:instagram/putxasmedia

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