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My B0yfriend Makes Me Drink His Juice All The Time

I don’t want to be judged I just need some help.
I am in my late 30’s and unmarried, I have a boyfriend who promised me marriage and we have been

going steady for a year now, but I don’t think I want to marry him, if I do I might die early, here’s my reason.

He’s almost my age mate but I’m older, he tries to control everything about me including our play lives, but hey I don’t mind, I didn’t mind, how I wish I did because now I have no control anymore because for the past two months all I have been drinking is juice.

That night he wanted to explode, so he asked if I would like to taste it that it was a fantasy of his for a girl to swallow his juice, I didn’t want to offend or belittle him so I said yes, my mouth was filled with it, I rushed to the bathroom to throw it out but he pinned me down and made me swallow.

Bella my life has been hell for the past two months, sometimes he cums in a cup and makes me drink, sometimes he even wants me to drink his pee, is this normal? I feel bloated these days, my mouth smells and I don’t even enjoy play anymore with him because he’s always in a hurry to explode some so I can swallow his juice.


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