My name is Boniface and I have a confession to make, with the hope 
that I will find peace in my mind and concentrate on building my young family.
I got married to my wife, Ese, two years ago and though we

have had our ups and downs like every other couple, what has continued to bug my life is the fact that I fell into temptation in the guise of her best friend, Tope, who practically seduced me into sleeping with her and she is using that to blackmail me.

It all happened when Ese went on a short course in Abuja and begged her friend to always come around to help me around the house. The reason for this is that they have been best friends from secondary school and Ese trusted Tope so much and she is the only woman she allows free access to our home.

So to save me the stress of eating out and, to a large extent, stop me from even thinking of another woman, Ese thought getting her unmarried friend to come and cook for me would stop that. Little did she know that the friend whom she trusted so much would be the one to seduce her husband.
I cannot say how it all started but I remember that night vividly. It was a Saturday and had rained cats and dogs, so much everywhere was flooded. Tope came in soaked, with the excuse that the rain water had entered her house and there was no where she could sleep.
After making our dinner, she retired to the guest room for the night whil I settled in the living room to watch some late night football.
I must have slept off on th rug because by the time I woke, I felt a naked body snuggling up to me. Before I could gather my senses, Tope was kissing me, doing untold things to me. We ended up making love that night and through out the weekend.
I felt so ashamed after that but it was as if a new vista had opened for Tope because she seized every opportunity to lure me into bed.
Even when Ese came back, we still sneaked behind her back to have sex. But when I had had enough, I told Tope that I wanted us to put an end to it but she would have none of it. She now threatens to tell my wife that we have been having sex regularly.
I have begged her not to destroy my home but her only condition to keep quiet is for us to continue having sex. She even threatened to show my wife some erotic photos we took while the heat was on.
I am tired and want out but how would I handle the situation in case she tells my wife?

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