TBoss’ sister Wendy reveals she’s handling her breakup “like a real boss”

TBoss’ sister, Wendy has revealed that she isn’t a victim or a mess in spite of the recent betrayal she suffered from her fiance.

The mother-of-one, who was engaged to the father of her daughter, revealed last week in an Instagram post that all wasn’t well between them and that she is done with
him. She added that he “did the one thing I can’t forgive” and as a result, she was moving on.

She is now making it known that her travails have not left her “sad and depressed”, instead she’s handling her breakup “like a real boss”.
She wrote:

I love bloggers but damm get your stories right. I’m fine oh. Don’t paint me to be a victim or a mess. I’m handling my shit like a real boss. If you need to sell a story about me, make sure it’s fire hot not sad and despressed

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