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The Oil Needs To Be Inside My V a g i n a” – Lady Narrates Her Encounter With A Famous Pastor Who Sleeps With Female Church Members To “put Holiness In Them”

A Twitter user from Thohoyandou in South Africa narrated how she went to a popular pastor who

then told her that she had to take off her clothes so he can insert holy oil into her vagina to get rid of the demons that trouble her.

When she refused, she was told that it was the demons trying to stop her from getting delivered. She was also told that she would die if she talks about what the pastor did.

When she managed to escape and told the friend who invited her what had happened, the friend said it was normal and refused to accept it was rape. According to the friend, it’s the pastor’s way of helping women get their freedom from evil spirits.
Read her full account below ;
I once went to a church similar to this one , a cult ,based in Venda .
I used to work in a debt consolidation office with 3 other ladies , we are talking normal ladies talk ,nwee my husband this ,my boyfriend that ,one recommends a church that is kinda new ,they do wonders ,they believe my husband’s side is using muthi on him.
I wake up one Sunday and call this lady for directions ,she tells me to come early so I can have a one on one with the pastor , I do so , there is a que of people about 6 ahead of me ,I get in a he greets me ask for my name and were I come from ,he tells me to stand up and close my eyes so he can read me , I do so ,I can hear him close to me making weird sounds ,he comes behind me , touching me all over my body (inappropriate) then says there’s a creature that sleeps with me at night , causing tension in my relationship
Then he says this issue is big , he will have to fight ,and I need to be sure if I want to save my relationship , I agree ,then he told me to attend the service at immediately after church to come to his office , I do so , while waiting for him , a middle aged woman comes
She tells me that whatever happens here is not to be discussed and that they are helping me , she continues to say as a woman you must sometimes go through difficult situations to save our loved ones , I start to wonder what is going to happen , but I keep quiet , Then the lady brings in a dish with water , pours something out of a small bottle ,then she tells me to take off my clothes ,so I can be cleansed before the pastor comes , I ask her what exactly is going to happen , she smiles and says the work of God

I straight out tell her I am not a member of the church and I am not comfortable on doing weird things , she gets angry and leaves me in the office goes out , I wait nyana then I decide to leave , as I stand a guy comes in , in the church service he was helping the pastor , He greets me and asked if there was a problem , I tell him I’m not comfortable with taking off my clothes , I tell him all they can do is pray for me and without even touching me , he is very calm , tells me that what is happening to me a very big ,too spiritual ,and that i am possessed with demons ,they are the ones making me angry , they know that they are about to meet the man of God , the pastor comes in adding up to the same demonic story.

I ask them what exactly is going to happen , they beat around the bush saying things like “since I have a thing sleeping with me they need to trap it ,so they need to put Holy oil in me so when it comes in me it dies , still shocked I ask how taking off my clothes will help.

The pastor tells me the oil needs to be inside my v*gina and I can’t put it in my self because it needs to be in were my fingers can’t reach , so I must bath first then lie on my back open my legs so the pastor can put the Holly oil , I ask put it in with what ,he gets angry and says I will never be healed because I ask a lot of questions , that keep saying that they are trying to help me , I ask to go to the toilet , and they say I will go later ,for the procedure does not take time.

Making it clear that I will not do it , they threaten me with death , saying if I spread bad things about them I will die , I left , come Monday I tell the lady I work with and she says it is normal , that pastor sleeps with them to put holiness in them , shocked as I am.
I tell her that ,it is pure rape , she believes it is God’s work, some are now being given prophetic powers through sex , these churches are all over , women are victimised for believing in these men of God

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