You Ate My Pu**y After Another N*gga N*tted In Me – Lady Tells Her Man

A lady has caused controversy on twitter after she responded to a post by a guy who seemed to have

had a previous $exual encounter with her. The lady claimed he ate her va.gina filled with as another man just had $ex with her.

In what initially looked like a clap back after the guy made a post decrying the rising rate of STDs among women.

The guy had tweeted:

STD’s are high cause y’all praise this filthy a$$ “be a proud hoe” nonsense. We need to bring back slut shaming! Put you dirty hoes in check!

Then the lady who wanted to give him the shock of his life replied his tweet saying:

You ate my pu**y after another nigga nutted in me. Relax

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