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Apostle Chris S*x Video: Exposing Princess, The Delilah Of Our Time

Contrary to story by princess making round that she was abused by pastor Chris and the s*x video
released by him. A counter report has sufficed from someone who has been in contact with Both parties and their family members and friends, revealing that all she wanted is to “milk Apostle Chris.”
Read below;

Dear Princess Okpewho,
After your sex tape with Apostle Chris leaked. I felt sorry for you and hoped you were ok. Little did I know I was giving sympathy to the demon herself.

After leaking your video with Apostle Chris, you went straight to his house with police to arrest him claiming he leaked it and you wanted 200million for damages and when the police laughed at your demand, you added that he beats you. Photo you showed was the one which you clearly had boil under your eye.

I have asked this question and even asked you same thing. What did Apostle Chris do to deserve this evil your pouring into him? You still have not and could not answer that question.

You met Apostle Chris and all he did was to shower you with so much love that in the worlds eyes we call it “stupidity”. He trusted you with everything he had. You even had access to his social media accounts which you deleted because after you shared the video, many girls started contacting him and telling him they wanted a piece of what you enjoyed.

At first, you leaked the first video you recorded which was for your friends which you were saying “go get a man like mine” while he was hitting it from behind. You felt that didn’t work well and you went ahead and released more.

Bottom line, you did all this to milk him dry. Granted you were able to get 1million as settlement because this man Chris loves you and didn’t want anything to escalate. He agreed to the terms even agreeing he leaked the video just for peace to reign.

When you came to my inbox, I was willing to help you. But after going back to read my chats with you and did some more digging on you. Only to find out that you are nothing but Delilah and a gold digger. I suggested to you that the Sex video can not fetch you anything more than 1 million but abuse would have gotten you a lot more.

You quickly agreed to it and I told you I will come up with an idea. Now you have run to another blogger to sell the same “abuse story” I suggested to you which I have proof of in our chat. I decided not to go with with the plans because from my investigation on you, you are nothing but a GOLD DIGGER a LIAR and a CHEAT.

You succeeded in destroying his person and got 1million, yet you were not satisfied but wanted more. Why are you so filled with evil? He picked you up. Took care of you and your family. You are the reason you both broke up because of your serial cheating lifestyle (Esosa, Benji, Obinna, etc I have all the names of the men you milk dry) and even when he felt what you both are doing is wrong, because you know he has a strong weakness for you. You still from time will go and seduce him for more sex. (Your black anaconda)
I have full details and proof of your nasty story and the sooner you drop this drama and walk away with the 1million you will NEVER get, the better for you. The MTN you used in leaking the video was from you which I have.

The fake chat you created to accuse him I have as proof as well. I have all the videos of your nastiness. You have broken him and still want to milk him more. How low can you go? Are you not tired? This one you have sucked dry move on to another man.

But really, what do you stand to gain in all this? Change your ways. Are you not supposed to be 24 years as you claimed to him? I’m surprised he fell for your fake age as well.

I guess love is truly blind
Below is a clip from my chat suggestion I gave you. I threw a cheap bone at you and you fell for it which you are now selling it to blogs.
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