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Could This Be A Sign That My Girlfriend Is Cheating?

I am in a new relationship ma. Someone I met five months ago. She said she was not into casual
dating and was looking for something that would lead to marriage. I liked that. I also would like to settle down before the end of next year. So far,she said no s*x and I respect that

This lady is 29 years old,has a good career,makes good money and has her own house and car.She is quite attractive and I consider myself quite fortunate that she is mine. Everything has been going well but sometimes,she travels for business. She is a top executive and is required to travel around quite often.

I was at her place last weekend to see her. I noticed that her car was quite dirty so I offered to clean it. She told me not to worry but I just wanted to do something nice for her so I insisted. While cleaning the glove compartment,I saw  a pack of condoms,it was open meaning that a few must have been taken out of it.

This made me curious. I did not mean to pry but I found it anyway. So,when I brought it up to her,she said it had been there for more than a year.That she even forgot it was there. She said her last relationship ended badly and so she decided no more s*x until marriage.

I took her explanation but somehow at the back of my mind,I do not really think she is being truthful. For someone of her caliber, she is too detailed and meticulous to forget a used pack of condom in her car for over a year. I do not want to start whipping up something where there is none but who else believes her story?

Personally,I do not believe her and this is giving me cause to start thinking that she is not being truthful to me…what do you think…should I break off the relationship before it goes to far?


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1 Response to "Could This Be A Sign That My Girlfriend Is Cheating?"

  1. If the boot was on the other foot, will you expect to be believed? "Do unto others...."! You present-day lovers are so fickle minded.


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