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Did She Die From Depression After Learning Of Our Affair?

Good day lively stones,
Please don’t judge me. I need advice. I have been praying to God to help me find a way and show me
what to do. I saw your page on Facebook. I read your stories. I want to share mine and ask for advice too. I met a man last year in my church. But things did not start well

I was invited by someone so I attended a church program last year and after the program,I started going to the church fully. I liked the environment and the people there. It is a popular church and I was happy to be accepted quickly.

I was made to undergo a training for new members of the church,that’s how I met Mr K. He was very kind to me. He was also checking on me anytime I did not come to work.

I had no idea Mr K was married until a few weeks later. I had already been slightly attracted to him by then but I had to let my crush disappear when I found out he was married. But later on,it was Mr. K who started coming for me. I was surprised but maybe my crush for him was not totally gone.

I tried my best not to fall in love with Mr. K but he was so sweet to me. He was a perfect gentleman. Always caring,calling,texting me prayers and bible verses to read. He was just like an angel. Sometime he would give money too. I invited him for my birthday. He came. After the party ,he stayed behind and flirted a while with him.

Mr. K told me he was not happy in his marriage. Him and his wife were married for 8 years now without children. He said he was ok even if they did not have children but that his wife was always depressed because of that and that caused problems for them. He said he was tired of living in the marriage.
From what I saw,he too,as much as he was holding on for their marriage,his wife behavior was putting him off. She was always nagging.The more she nagged,the more she drew him to me. I became his friend and confidant. Sometimes he would spend time in my house just to avoid his wife’s nagging.

I knew what we were doing was not ok but I tried to push him away but that did not last as we could not stay away from each other long. I love Mr. K. But I knew we could not be together. He was still married. I never brought up divorcing his wife but after being together for four months,he started talking about it.

However,his wife found out about us and she confronted me. She cursed me out that day she stopped me on my street….she swore that if I did not leave her husband alone,she would expose me in church and on social media.That made me cut off from Mr. K. I blocked his no and told him never to see me again.

It was very painful break up. He kept begging me for almost 2 months.I stopped going to church too. I could not stand going and seeing him. But exactly three weeks ago,Mr. K’s wife died.She died after a brief illness. Mr K did not waste time to come and try to connect back to me. Even though I love Mr K…I am a quite concerned …I do not know how his wife passed. I do not know what killed her. K said she was sick and always depressed.

Her burial was last weekend. K was in my place immediately after the burial. After like 45 minutes in my place,I asked K to leave when he started trying to make out with me. I don’t know but this K’s wife death put a toll on me. I partially feel responsible for her death especially knowing she died from depression. I told K to let me be for now.Let him grieve his wife properly first.
K agreed but he said he will not want us to waste time because he now has the opportunity to be truly happy and he will not allow that to pass him again. Ma’am….now that K’s wife is out of the picture,I should be happy to be with K but somehow,I am not..do you think should give it time before committing to K or should I move on totally?
I ask this because I feel sorry for having an affair with K while his wife was alive and now she is dead,it feels like I wanted her to die so I can move in.What should I do please?

Anonymous Facebook reader from Cape Town
Photo Credit:thegolfclub

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