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God Bless Every Lady Dat Has Given Me A Taste Of This!

As shared by him o

I met this girl sometime ago and we got to know each other and talked a lot on whatsapp and really

got naughty, we got to the point of exchanging n*de pictures and I told her a lot of naughty things I will do to her when she comes to my house, I told her I was going to lick her from bottom to top and take her to ecstasy.

Well it got to a point she just couldn't stand the fire anymore, so she had to come and see me, I welcomed her with a kiss and she responded hungrily, I took the hint and got down to business, she was practically on fire.

I lifted her and placed her on the bed and spread her pu$$y wide,with my skilled tongue, I sent her to high heavens,but I was surprised that her pu$$y was sugary, I mean it tasted as if she put sugar or honey inside,the taste killed my appetite and I couldn't continue.

I ask her why her pu$$y is tasting that way,and she was evading the question, but I felt maybe she dropped sugar or honey inside her just to impress me.but guys have you ever tasted a sugary pu$$y?want to know.

By the way, I just want to use dis medium to thank every gal that has given me a taste of their camel toe, nkechi dami loveth, tope aka topsy gal,,infact dis thread can't take dem all if I start to mention names,I pray dat may ur pussy neva go dry,may ur pussy,neva go from sweet to sour,amen

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