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HELP! My Wife’s V*g!na Is Loose

Hello, I choose to remain anonymous, as this is a touchy subject.

My wife and I have been married for a few years. When I first met my wife she was absolutely
perfect. I had no complaints and everything was intact. I’m a very understanding man and i know the changes that a woman’s body goes through.

After giving birth to our baby girl two years ago, my wife’s vagna has not been the same. I do not feel any kind of sensation when we are intimate and I have been suffering for the past two years. Her vagna walls are not intact at all, and I didn’t expect this especially as we only have one child. I do not feel anything at all, and I’ve just been managing.

I don’t want to indulge in m*sturbat!on to please myself. My wife is a young woman of 29 and I don’t know what to do.

I have tried to google the remedies and possibly give her hints but nothing has worked. I cannot come to tell her directly as my wife is a very sensitive woman, and she will probably begin to feel insecure which I do not want.

I just do not enjoy s!x with her any longer and by Gods Grace I have not cheated. But the thoughts have been coming into my mind as I’m beginning to feel frustrated, please do not judge. I still want to have more children with my wife, but considering the effects that one child has had on her vag!na, I do not want to even think about that.

I love my wife, but this issue is killing me. It’s making me resentful towards her. Please any solutions?

My 2cents
Most women in this situation are the cause of this unfortunate quagmire. After giving birth, rather than using a mini towel with warm water & some herbs (forgotten the name now) to be cleaning & treating the vag!na twice daily, in order for the overstretched walls to tighten up, they just go about their normal way of life - out of laziness until it becomes too late to rectify.
The easiest & quickest way to restoring the vag!na firmness are through Kegel exercises & the use of vag!na tightening gels.

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