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Help, An Older Lady Is Obsessed With Me

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I'm 23, and this lady should be in her 40s, she has a daughter who is almost my age, but she's not married, from the look of things, she had her at a young age, she started pestering me when she

bought a new phone and she invited me to set it up for her, including fb and whatsapp, i did, and she collected my number, thats how she started inviting me over every sunday, sometimes I'll come and meet her alone at home, and she'd be half Unclad, rubbing cream on her body, I'd offer to wait outside but She'll tell me its no biggy, sometimes she'd try to take a selfie with me and her wet nipples will be protruding out of her wrapper and pushing against my chest, I'll be so tensed and hot.

I once thought of unclothing her and doing the thing, but I'll always talk myself out of it, that maybe she's just jovial and what if thats not what she wants, what if i try and she accuse me of trying to rape her, what of my girlfriend? so i kept my distance by lying to her that i am out of town.

She kept checking me at home but will never find me because i told my siblings to alert me whenever she's spotted in the vicinity so i can hide or lock the gate.

This helped me get over the temptation and her, until yesterday, i was coming from a party and i ran into her, it was too late to hide because she already saw me, she approached and we got somewhere to sit and ordered drinks, we talked about life and she bluntly accused me of avoiding her, that guys my age easily take things for granted, she kept talking until is promised to make it up to her, i regret making that promise, today she sent me a message on whatsapp, calling me my love, i thought she's joking until she told me, she's alone and needs company tonight.

I have a girlfriend, i love her so much i don't want to hurt her, i don't want to have any form of intimacy with someone old enough to be my mum, but this woman is rich, i have benefited from her and i wouldn't want to loose either of them, please advice me

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