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I Caught My Husband Sniffing My Niece’s P@nts

I caught my husband of five years sniffing the panties of my 15 years niece. I don’t know if I should

confront him or let the issue lie.

I also think he bought my niece a new blackberry phone because the day I insisted on making my niece tell me where she got the phone, he became too
overprotective of her and we almost fought over the issue.

My niece recently lost her father, making my sister a widow who let go of her children to stay with her relatives, that is how my niece came to stay with me,

On the 26th of October, I saw him at the backyard next to the heap of clothes my niece brought out to wash, he picked up a pant, my niece’s pant and sniffed it, I almost screamed where I was.

Also I keep noticing the look they exchange, very flirtatious.

Lastly my niece is acting like she is his wife, she dishes his food even before the children’s food, doesn’t knock before opening the door of our bedroom, and the most disturbing is, she asks my husband where he is going when he wants to go out as if she is his wife, my husband is 37 and this girl is 15, I suggested to my husband that we send her off to a boarding school, he rejected the idea and even got angry with me saying it will affect the girl psychologically, as if I want to dump her in a boarding house and run away.

I want to confront my husband but I have no evidence, and for my niece I respect my eldest sister so much that I don’t know what to do, I feel like an outsider in my own home.

P.S. My husband is a banker and also a pastor at our church.

I sincerely need your advice.

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