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I Cheated On My Husband And I Plan To Continue

I have been the angry, unsatisfied and bitter wife for the last five years. I’m married to a man who has

absolutely no respect for the marriage institution. He has had more girlfriends than I have changed my hair since we got married.

He started cheating on me months after our wedding in 2013 when I was pregnant. And it hasn't stopped ever since. Every other day a different girl, a different situation, a lot of drama. Initially he would lie or try to cover up when I ask him questions or catch him but now he tells me to go to hell and leave the marriage if I was no longer satisfied.

Well, I have four kids and I don't plan to be a single mother in this kind of environment so I'm staying put in my marriage but I'm done being the victim. Yes, I have started cheating on my husband. I am proud to say I have a boyfriend who I have regular, satisfying s@x with. And I have absolutely no plans of being the faithful wife ever again.

Once this affair ends, I'm starting a new one. There's no going back now. As long as he's cheating on me, I will be cheating on me. I smile a lot these days and it's not just anyone putting the smile on my face.

This is the happiest I have been in at least 8 years. And I also discovered that quite a number of my female friends have been cheating on their husbands for years now. Why didn't anyone give me the memo sooner? Just thought to share my happy story.

My 2cent
There's something definitely wrong somewhere but what it is, I can't really put my finger on it! If there was something in you that attracted him into marrying you, I think that thing is long dead and perhaps you should think of reviving it, if this marriage is still anything to you instead of hopping from one boy to the other! Did you at any point, in a quiet moment, reflect on what these other girls could be given him that you were not giving?
Could it be your romantic life is so appalling?
I know a man should satisfy a woman in bed, but we also want to be made to enjoy the act! It's not a one way street!

Though child bearing can distort ones shape, I think you should try to look your best for your husband, if you're not doing so; try to seduce him!

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