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I had incredible $3x with a girl and… then found out I was the 20th guy she’d bedded that weekend

I HAD the most passionate s3,x of my life with a girl I met at Glastonbury but now I’m not sure she is really right for me.

I am 21 and this girl is 18. I hadn’t had s3x since I split up with my ex-girlfriend almost a year ago. Lots of girls have wanted to go out with me but no one has seemed that special

I jumped at the chance to go to the Glastonbury Festival with a group of friends when one of them had to cancel.

I had the most incredible s3x of my life at Glastonbury festival, but then found out I was the twentieth guy she bedded that weekend

I’d had a fantastic time and on the last day I was queuing up for food when I got chatting to this girl behind me. We just started talking about the music, which bands we’d seen there and what music we liked.

She was gorgeous and I was really into her. We ate our food and spent the rest of the day together. I felt we were becoming genuinely close.

We held hands and kissed. When she suggested we spend the night together I agreed straight away and she came back to my tent.

The s3x was awesome, even though we were pretty cramped. She seemed to know what she was doing and it was wonderful.

We’re still in touch but it’s really bothering me that she slept with so many people
It was a bit shocking when she told me the next morning that I was the 20th person she’d had s3x with at the festival.

It almost sounded as if she was going for a target.

I was stunned that she could have had s3x with so many men in just a few days.

But I didn’t say anything and she didn’t seem to notice the look on my face.

We agreed to exchange numbers when we said goodbye and we have been keeping in touch regularly by text.

She is a really nice girl and I do like her.

But now that I am back at home I am starting to wonder whether I should be worried she seems to sleep around.

I can’t help but question whether I should bother with someone like that.

DEIDRE SAYS: I can understand why you are hesitating.

Love and s3x are very special and she gives them away too cheaply.

Most of these other guys were probably only interested in the s3.x – and she encourages them to think of her like that.

On the other hand, you were keen to have s3x with her the day you met, so don’t be too hypocritical.

Talk to her some more to find out why she had s.ex with so many guys at Glastonbury.

Did she use effective protection?

If not you need to get a s3.xu.al health check.

If you two are going to see more of one another, is she willing to commit to being faithful? Are you?

It may be that it was more about the special Glastonbury atmosphere than that you are right for one another.


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