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I'm in love with him but his "Wee Wee" is too Small (pics)

I met with this new guy about 6 months ago, very cute charming dark skin and well fitted body that is very most woman dream guy.
Due to work which as always been on my neck eating me up so badly we have been unable to go intimate but he comes to my work place, send me gift, calls
me often.

This guy is really so funny and loving. over the weekend I was having a free time at work so we decided to met with each other on Sunday at his place.

I got there after couples of movie we saw together, we then started gradually with french kissing, hmmm caressing each other which I was really so in the mood with this BROS with great body but lo and behold when this guy brought out his 'wee wee' I was shocked! shocked!! shock!!!

What are you thinking!! I mean when he brought out his banana OMG !!!!

I screamed in my heart and felt so disappointed cos with such great well shaped body he had a very small d!ck of a baby tongue. So with that picture in my brain I couldn't enjoy the $3x cos it was really disheartening to me but this guy is really a loving guy and he is caring.

I Love him but don't know if i should continue with him... Do you think the size doesn't matter  what do you think about small and big D!ck?? if it were you will you continue with such relationship

Lets here your opinion and if you've had such an encounter kindly share your experience as well... No Insult Please

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