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Is My Wife Having An Affair With Her Step Brother?

My wife of two years has a step brother, Oyin that I am not comfortable with. In fact,I am 80% sure that he is not just a brother to her.
During my meeting and courting of my wife,she made me know that she and Oyin are very close. Infact,they are called twins in their family. This guy is about 29, my wife is

They call each other every day. They confide in each other. Most times,when we have an argument,hes the one that my wife confides in.

When we got married,he started to visit us often. Sometimes he stays for the weekend. I was cool with that but I just wished I had the same relationship that my wife has with her step brother. They were really tight. One time,he bought her some very s*xy lingerie.

I was really jealous but my wife laughed it off.My business makes me travel all the time and I am sometimes grateful that Oyin is around when I am not,we even call him to come so my wife wont be lonely when I am not around. How stupid I was!

A few days ago,I traveled out of town for business. I was supposed to be gone for two days. I got to my business location and things changed hence,I had to leave early morning the next day.

As I was about to board my flight,I called my wife but her line was switched off. I called Oyin,his too was switched off. When I landed,I called but their lines were still off. So I took a taxi and went home myself.

I got home and used my key to enter the house. I went to my bedroom and saw my wife and her step brother in bed wrapped in each other’s hands!….I was flabbergasted!….They were sound asleep. But in my shock,I said: What da fuck!..that woke my wife.

They both were startled to see me. Before I could ask what was going on,Oyin said : arh,Uncle welcome,aunty had a night mare and I came to help her sleep. He said he didnt know when he too fell asleep. Since they were both dressed although,Oyin had his boxers and singlet on,I was really confused.

 When I said,both of you were having s*x in my bed,my wife burst out laughing. Of course both of them denied having s*x. They claimed my wife couldnt sleep,so Oyin came to help her sleep.
Even though I didnt like their explanation,it seemed to check out. My wife was also dressed in her nightie but in my head,what if they finished and dressed up..some people do it…

Since the incident,I have told my wife I dont want her brother around again. She says I am over reacting considering that I already know how close she is to her step brother. I really dont know if I am over reacting but my gut tells me that this boy is up to no good. I also feel strongly that they have slept together but I dont have any solid proof.

If the above happened to you what would you do? Would you believe my wife or would you think they already had s*x? Please share your thoughts with me?


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