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Ladies, Here are 5 secrets on how you can make your man respect you.

Are you in a relationship where your man doesn’t treat you with enough love and respect?

You can only know your worth from a man after spending sometime together, that is when you get to
discover how much he truly loves, respect, appreciates, values you and his true personality.

It is a very sad and painful when you love and respect him so much, and doesn’t reciprocate.

Initially, he might not have an intention of acting upon your feelings, but as times goes on some external forces would set in which may make him gain more power and respect over you.

Every healthy relationships must possess love and respect, but in some case, when the man you claimed to love, respect and sacrifice all your strength for, did not appreciate you, how would you feel? This may be one of those issues you have been battling with.

1. Be Independent
Men are physically strong, but are emotionally weak. Depending on him so much may weigh him down and makes him deny you respect.

One thing that easily pissed a man off is when you can’t make things happen on your own, depending so much on him would be a burden which he may never discuss with you, but he would show it through his actions. Therefore, you must show him that you can survive without him  in order to earn respect.

2. Create Space for him
One of the secret of how to make your man respect you is to give him space in order to renew or rekindle your relationship.

You may give him a week or month space, this is done so that he would remember how he was when you were yet to be in his life, and how much value you have contributed in his life.

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3. Solve problems for him
One of the factors that could makes him deny you respect is when you are too demanding and selfish.

Besides that, you never help him think on how life will be more comfortable, how bills will be settled, all you care for is your own well-being, all these can make him put you down.

Though, men are made to be the provider, but that is why you are his wife, you must be his companion, help him solve his problems, let him know you feel his struggling, by helping him solve his problems, you tend to gain respect from him.

4. Try to be outspoken
Base on findings, the more you keep calm for a man, the more he gains ego and treat you badly. Sometimes, the best way you could make him respect you when he doesn’t care about you is to speak out.

The power of communication can never be underrated, when you notice he has nonchalant attitude, speak your mind out.

If he truly loves you, he would definitely turn a new leaf, if you let him what you don’t like about him, and teach him how you want to be treated.

5. Respect
Did you truly respect your man? How much did you respect him? All these are questions you should be asking yourself, because if you don’t respect him enough, there is no way you can expect him to respect you.

Respect can be earned through good behavior, you must give him enough love and respect so that he would also love and cherish you.

However, there are so kind of men that can’t respect women, especially their wives, they are full of ego, no matter how much you try hard to contribute to their life positively, they always humiliate and put you down.

If your man fall in this category is better to accept him like that and see it as his weakness, but if such behavior leads to an abusive, it is better to avoid such man

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