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My Fiance Insists On Getting B.J First

This is a real life story as shared by a blog reader friend, she is desperate and needs mature advice.

I am engaged to be married by Christmas. My relationship is 8 months old and all has been rosy and perfect but there is an issue that does not seem right.

Ever since our relationship became s*xual, I found out that my man is obsessed with bl0w jobs. I thought it was an occasional thing but he keeps insisting on getting one before we make love.

I spent last weekend in his house and I decided to confront him when he started insisting that I must blow him again on Saturday morning before we make love. We came home around 2am from a night out in town and I was tipsy and tired.

I told him that I was too down to blow him but that he can make love if he so wishes. He simply rolled over and slept off. When I asked him in the morning why he acted that way, he confessed to me that he can’t have an erection if he is not sucked. I thought it was a joke, I calmed him down and tried to dissuade him from that mindset. I decided to prove him wrong.

I did a strip tease, I wore a sexy cloth, I even downloaded porn which  we watched together yet no show. He told me again that he knows himself better that I should suck him and watch his erection come around. so I did and as a matter of fact it worked immediately.

I don’t understand the whole thing. Please is this what I will cope with all my life? I love him but sucking d!ck for ever is not what I bargained for.

Pls serious advice is needed maybe she should go on or switch grounds..
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