My Husband D0es Only Missionary But I Want T0 Give Him Bl0w J0b

The issue of s3x in a relationship between husband and wife must be handled delicately else it might

result to infidelity. A lady shared this story with JORO and I was stunned when I saw the caption: “My husband loves missionary.. I try to give him blow job..”

Just read and tell us what you feel

I go married as a virgin.. Ive always dreamt of having an interesting sex life after marriage but reverse is the case. My husband loves missionary a lot but i want to explore. Anytime I bring it up he will start asking if I am seeing someone else. The last time i tried to give him a bl0w j0b, he flared up and started questioning me who taught me, he says there is no way a virgin will know so much about s3x….

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