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Native Tips On How To Get Tohtoh Tighter Without Mama Dolphin?


Mama dolphin is not the solution to hooking your do ladies retain their tohtoh muscles for

better sex?native tips used by women before civilization came in...
Does Palm kernel oil work
Snake oil ?

black soap?

What kind of exercises work?
Alum?health risk?
Sitting in hot water?
 What works and what doesnt?

Please I need the tips oo but I know that alum will make the vag dry and  appear tighter but as soon as the man enters...water water. Black soap  makes it dry as well and in no goes back to normal. Hot water  sef na waste of time.kegel exercises work for those who are ready to  wait a year before seeing results. I was directed to use shrinka powder  and tightening rod from perfect herbals and it worked like magic!

Zeevirtualmedia also stock great vag tightners. my tohtoh is now very tight and my man has complimented me and wonders what happened.

Whilst we are looking for tips on how to get us tighter tohtohs,can the men please drop hints on what tohtoh tricks during nacking drives them crazy?what do men really want?

Please try to avoid too much sexually explicit words and use waffy slang if possible

*Please do not drop juju induced advice here.thank you.
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