I was rushing to my school bus stand to enter the bus before it fills up,then suddenly i hit my left leg
against a stone,i now made the sign of the cross and continued my journey,then this girl walked up to me,and asked why i was making the sign of the cross, I replied her "the
bible says we should pray at all time".she just laughed and we parted ways....

A week later,i went to buy petrol at the station in my street, I had my earpiece stuffed in my ears,enjoying my highlife by osadebe,....I got to the station,bought the fuel,then on my return journey,someone tapped me and said.."oboy person d call u",when i turned,lo and behold,it was same gal i had met in school.

I crossed to the other side of the road to meet her,i didn't know she was the one until she helped me recall....she was with plenty bags, and I inquired what she was doing with all those bags,she said she's just returning from Ph,that she saw me when i passed,and called me but i didnt answer her... I apologized and asked her if she had any goody for me ,she said I should follow her to her house if i needed one....i declined because i was rushing home to watch UEFA match,and told her i'd come for it another day,after which i collected her number and rushed off.......

On friday that week,i went for a friend's birthday party,and slept over,when i was coming back on Saturday evening,i met this same girl on the road,and she said i've been reluctant about coming to visit her,that i must follow her to her lodge that night,i agreed,when we got to her house,it was a self con room,nice,i loved the paintings on her wall, I was admiring the room,while she was packing her cloths she washed earlier inside,after that,the next thing,she started undressing herself, leaving only her p*nties and bra on.

After which, she used her towel to cover herself before entering the bathroom,all this while,i just kept my cool,pressing my phone....she finally came out of the bathroom and lye down on her bed with only her towel,we talked a few more minutes,before i told her that i'd love to take my leave now....when i got home,she sent me a whatsapp message saying i didn't ask her to offer me anything....

I need your opinions here,was she sending me GREEN LIGHT or was it normal
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