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What My Boyfriend Ask For During Bangng Is So Shocking

’m a 27-year-old lady and my husband is 31 years. We got married four months ago, we attend the same church, we even met in the church and we are both active.

He is in the ushering department while am in the choir and we are both born again. Am telling you all this for you to know we are not babies in the spirit. Our courtship was sex free, as you know now, no touching, kissing nor romancing.

We seldom visit each other at home due to our church strict restriction on that. And when I do I never went beyond his sitting room maybe if I had done otherwise, I would have known about this before now. Our wedding ceremony was great and we settled down to marital life.

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Two months after, my husband has a cause to travel out of town, it was on a Saturday and I decided to clean the room as I was re-arranging the clothes in the wardrobe, a parcel fell on my leg, at first I ignored it but on a second thought I picked it up to check what was inside, I received the greatest shock of my life, my husband has been watching pornography! The parcel actually contained different porn movies. I felt sad and dejected. I tried to check his laptop if he has such things there but it has been pass-worded.

I didn’t confront when he returned and I pretended as if nothing happened. That night I took his phone when he was fast asleep and searched through it, behold he has porn movies on his phone too! But I still kept my cool. I had to let the cat out of the bag when one month later he asked if I like MouthAction and he want us to it give a trial. He said watched porn movies so that he will be able to satisfy me in bed. To say that I was shocked is an understatement. I told him I can’t indulge in MouthAction.

He has been pestering me for this. How can I engage the same mouth I use to pray, to speak in tongues in MouthAction? Since then he has been behaving funny. He keeps to himself; he is not even interested in making love with me and I’m yet to get pregnant.

Is this right? Doesn't feel right to me.
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1 Response to "What My Boyfriend Ask For During Bangng Is So Shocking"

  1. My dear, we have allowed ourselves to be indoctrinated into thinking everything about sex is ungodly. Since you are married, your husband has a bonafide access to your body and so do you.

    If he desires to use his mouth to pleasure you during lovemaking, remember, he is permitted. You equally can use yours to give him pleasure. Let me say this to you - It is your mission in Christ to keep your husband before God all through the rest of your life as his wife.

    Keeping him satisfied sexually and focused on his God and you is as equal and important as feeding him and giving him children, if NOT more.

    His viewing of pornography as a learning material should not be taken out of context here. Except he's doing it beyond reason and showing signs of addiction. After all, you sound educated and that means you have encountered sexually-tainted material during your learning years. You only didn't latch onto it.

    My advice to you is simply this: Renew your mind about giving and receiving pleasure in your marriage if you do NOT want the devil to take over. A man who has an optimum and constant pitch or level of desire for his wife finds it difficult to be unfaithful to her. That wagging buttocks or flaunted breast only serves to remind him of the delicious things his wife does to him at home.

    Let me shout this warning to you: MEN CONSIDER YOUR REFUSAL TO MAKE LOVE TO HIM AND MAKE HIM FEEL WANTED A FORM OF REJECTION! MANY OF THEM DO NOT HANDLE REJECTIONS WELL! Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to take over the situation and show both of you how to please each other.



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