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Why Are Men So Selfish During that Thing?

I think it's totally heartless and ungentlemanly for men to always leave women hanging during love

making. From research, movies, ladies gossip etc I have come to realise  that 80 percent of men don't really care if a lady is satisfied or not as far as they are.

Often when a man cums/climaxes that's the end.His organ becomes flaccid immediately, most of them sleep off instantly not even cuddling the lady. Some come up with the excuse that they just did a hard job. Indeed!!!

These guys are often the ones who would want a woman to perform all the styles on them,and when they get to their peak that's the end. Is it that the male body was created that way? How come their organ becomes flaccid immediately? No matter what you do to resurrect it, it stays that way!

An average female body doesn't climax on time except you really know the right places to touch, but these days who cares! A gentleman should always wait for his lady to cum however how sweet the whole thing is WAIT!!

When she has arrived, you can then release whatever it is you have inside of you! In that way trust me she wouldn't be bored and start seeking sexual redemption elsewhere. It's not about pumping hard with all your veins threatening to pop out, its about satisfying us.

Experienced that with my ex boyfriend, he'll just cum and leave someone stranded, stupid Olodo boy. I met my new sweetheart and he redefined s"x, at times he gives me two orgasms sef before he climaxes, he made me to believe in #teambeardgang cause he has beards and the former Olodo used to shave all his beards out.

I'm now a #teambeardgang, if you don't have beards don't even bother approaching me cause na correct snubbing you go collect. The annoying part is that the stupid boy leaves you more Hot than you were before the s"x.

If any oloshi boy that can't make a girl cum abuses me ehn, thunder will cut off his Willie Willie

Ps: no holier than thou talks here,waka pass

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