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With These Discoveries, Can I Continue With Her??

Relationships are the bedrock for marriages, if you cannot cope with an attitude please do not try to
change anybody, take a walk. Please read this story

"I met this young pretty girl about two months now. It was love at first sight for both of us. She is a student and she is in her early 20s.

Recently I brought up an idea to help us know each other better. This idea allows us ask each other any question especially about our past ( relationship, experiences, ideas, beliefs, and lots more) but we must answer with all sincerity.

With sincerity of all intents and purposes, I just wanted to know what my gf could/would be capable of.

My first question was have you dated a married man before, to my surprise her answer was YES , I asked for how long and she said a year plus. She was just 18 at the time and she goes to his house to make love to him when ever the wife travelled. OMG

My second was have you had a one night stand with a guy you just met, again her answer was YES and it was just some months ago and she was still dating her EX when this happened.

At this point I was just too shocked that I started asking anything. Next question was have you had a 3SOME before, her answer was NO but she has slept with two cousins though they never found out.

I was just too afraid to ask her if she smokes cos I didn't want the shock of my life.

Pls guys considering her age and knowing fully well that the leopard never changes its spots, pls do you advise I Carry on with her as my intention was to make her my last gf.

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