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Baby Mama, Linda Ikeji Has A Grown Up Son! – Her Employee Alleges

We all already know about the “coming out” epistle Linda shared to her fans and all who has been itching to hear her side of the story.

Though many said it sounded more like damage control others sympathized with her side of the story.

An employee of hers has
gone to his social media account to write an open letter to Linda Ikeji. Stating his disappointment towards her for trying to cover what is already clearly known by all.

Well, that is no longer news that Linda was dumped or tried to force her way into the business tycoons life.

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The real story here is that in the man’s “open letter”, he alleges that the trending baby mama Linda Ikeji already has an older son. Read his post below;

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I mean!! You were their nightmare. You gave them sleepless nights( You & I know you already have a Grown up Son before) you even gave the Innocent women low self esteem, you made it seem like a grown woman cannot decide not to have a husband but have a child. Look at you now my dear. You have become what you laughed at. You have written an epistle punctuated with your near-deflated ego and unserious grammar usage. You always make history dear. You are the first woman to ever “fell” in pregnancy in the history of the world.

Karma knows your address my dear. It isn’t done visiting you yet. For all the innocent people you slandered with your blog, you will receive in the same measure. You think parking out of the mainland to Banana Island will confuse karma or make it leave you?? Sorry. Karma is the greatest cartographer of all times dear. It knows everywhere!
After reading your coming out story, I remembered this quote “To defend the truth, you say very little, to defend deceit, you have to keep explaining yourself.”
Every smart person that read your story knows that there is more to it but because you are Linda that cares less about truth but more about lies, you have drowned part of the truth. My dear, truth na soap. It may take time but very soon, e go bubble and the bubble go clear your eye once more.
Forgive me Linda, Am your brother from IMO State, But I thought you had sense. I won’t do it again. #GODWIN
Well, I hope Linda will defend this as well with a new write up.

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