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He Keeps Breaking My Heart & I Keep Going Back To Him

Good Day Readers,
I am in your whatapp platform and I have seen the way you guide people, so I felt I should tell u my story and I really need your advice.
 I met a boy in my church, late last year, we talked and I get to find out he was interested in me, I liked him too so we started dating
But he was my kind of man in dress sense, since I love him I decided to build him up to my kind of guy, I sew male clothings,  so it was easier for me to build him.
I just buy the materials and sew for him or he buys and I sew, we were going perfectly well until his mom got involved. She said she wants a graduate for her son, and I am just an O’level holder, he told me about it but assured me he will sort it with his mum.
However, all of a sudden he just called and said we are over.I was down, I rushed to him asking him to explain, he said he can’t disobey his mom and his siblings are also supporting his mom, so we can’t work,we cannot be together, I was devastated and down because I really love this guy.

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Weeks later he called saying he still loves me but its his mom that is the problem. We started hanging out again, had s*x and all but I later found out he had a new girlfriend. He told to my face he has moved on so I have to, but I find it difficult to move on cos I love him. 
After finding out he has a new girl, he still called  me and I still went to him. I even had s*x with him and spent the night at his house.
How can I stop myself even when I know am been fooled, I answer him whenever he calls or maybe wants s*x, according to him he said his emotions doesn’t rise when he is with his new girlfriend (he is not attracted to the new girl).
What do I do ma’am, I really love him and will still go if he calls me. Please ma’am I need everyone’s advice. Am waiting earnestly
Thanks ma’am.
Anonymous Whatsapp member
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