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I don’t understand the changes with my wife,she will not speak to me

My wife has not spoken to me for almost two weeks. What happened two weeks ago was that we had an argument which we said certain words.

My wife works on the Island . Two months ago,she was transferred to a new unit in her office. That
office came with different responsibilities from her former office.

What led to the quarrel is that she said she was promoted in this new office but she refused to say how much is her new salary. Secondly,she started to password her phone. And she used to be n her phone chatting after work. Sometimes,chatting late into the night. She also starts to come home very late. As late as 11pm sometimes.

All these changes came with her new office and I have been telling her that I dont like the changes. Because to me,not telling me how much she earns now is making me suspicious. Plus,she password her phone. I mean why will she do that if she is not hiding anything.

I dont believe that it is because of the children she is doing that. Anytime she is chatting,she will say it is official work she is doing. Coming late is the final suspicion for me.

Two weeks ago,I couldnt take it…I demanded to see her phone which she refused. In anger,I took the phone and smashed it. She was very upset and started saying some things. Like I am insecure and that I am not happy that she is moving up in her career.

She also said some things like,I dont have trust for her . That she does not know anything about my own salary so why will she tell me her own. That has never been an issue before. I have not told her anything about my own salary because,I feel as the man,she is not supposed to know.

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All these things we said to each other made me very angry and I stopped talking to her. My wife before,if I am angry,she will do anything to come and beg me. Now,almost two weeks,she has not said anything to me.
So now,I am thinking maybe she is actually keeping a secret from me. Maybe she is actually seeing a man in that her office. I am even suspecting how she got this her new transfer and promotion. She is not talking to me and me I am not talking to her. Truly, my wife has changed.
What do you think I should do? Should I leave her alone? Or insist that she tell me what is going on?
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