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Main differences between a simple boyfriend and the love of your life

You love your sweetheart more than anything, but sometimes you’re left wondering if he’s really the
one. Luckily, there are subtle but clear differences between a boyfriend and the man you’ll love forever. Here are seven to look for in your man:

Simple boyfriend
Does things for you when you ask

Love of your life
Thinks of ways he can make your day
A simple boyfriend is always willing to lend a hand when you ask. He doesn’t complain and does whatever you need. But the love of your life takes this one step further.

He asks himself what he can do to make your day a little easier. He notices the dishes piling up and does them. He hears the baby crying and plays peek-a-boo. He doesn’t wait to be told what to do – he seeks out opportunities to help.

Simple boyfriend
Answers “yes” when you ask if you look OK

Love of your life
Tells you how beautiful you are (without your promptings)
When you’re criticizing yourself in front of the mirror, a simple boyfriend will always tell you how beautiful you are The love of your life, however, doesn’t miss a moment to remind you how gorgeous you are. You are the prettiest girl in the world to him, and he wants you to see yourself the way he does.

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Simple boyfriend
Listens in the moment

Love of your life
Listens, remembers and takes action
Listening is basic for a simple boyfriend. He hears what you have to say. Maybe he’ll remember it, maybe he won’t. But the love of your life doesn’t just listen. He makes eye contact and asks questions so he fully understands what you’re saying.

Then he remembers what you said (whether it was venting about a hard day at work or teaching him the right way to separate laundry) and he takes action.

He makes your favorite dessert to cheer you up and he tries his best at dividing laundry and asks you if he did it right. The love of your life is constantly listening and improving.

Simple boyfriend
Attends your family gatherings

Love of your life
Attends your family gatherings, gets to know them and looks forward to spending more time with them
A simple boyfriend supports you by attending your family gatherings and events. The love of your life goes much beyond that.

He’ll not only visit your family, but also makes an effort to get to know them. He’ll then encourage you to spend more time with your family by looking forward to family parties and scheduling future visits
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