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My Fiancee & Her Ex :Is This Naive Or Playing Me For A Fool?

I love my fiancee. Our wedding is supposed to be in June but right now,she did something that is making me consider seriously if I should call it off.
Please dont reveal my name when you post this. She also reads your blog so I dont want to embarrass her.
My fiancee thinks I am over
reacting with what she did. Here is it:

I gave her one of my ATM cards so that she can always have access to money in case she cannot reach me. I am a Pilot and I am always flying.Honestly,she is not a spend drift but my issue is that she dashes people money too much.

Well,she has a nice heart and people know that and always want to take advantage of her. I try to caution her and instead of her to take correction,she will say please take your card before you insult me cos of money. It has brought about fight between us several times.

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I really love her and I know her business does not bring in so much sometimes. She is a fashion designer. Thats why I gave her my ATM card. Sometimes,she uses it to shop for me,to stock up my groceries,etc.

But the latest and biggest fight now is that I received an alert that N200k was withdrawn from that account in payment to a five star Hotel ( pls dont call the name of the hotel).

When I got the alert,I was pout of town so when I returned,I asked her why she paid the hotel N200k. She said,I should trust her. I told her I trust her. She said she booked a hotel for one of her friends to have a surprise dinner.

I was like,wow,that so nice. So who is this friend? She says she wont tell me cos if she does,I will be angry. I was like,you spend my N200k on someone and you wont tell me who?

We went back and forth for a while until she said:fine,its for Ehis’s birthday. Ehis is her former boyfriend!…I was like,WTF!!!….How and why on earth would she do that. She gave me a look like : I told you to trust me!…Of course I trust you..but with this one,I am not so sure.

Why would she do that? She said she doesnt really know what came over her. That this dude sent her an sms to borrow him money to celebrate his 30th birthday.

She as usual,being that she cannot say no to anyone,thought it was best to pay the money to the hotel where the birthday dinner would take place cos she felt if she transferred the money directly to him,that would offend me.

Honestly,its either this babe of mine is so naive or she is still having feelings for this guy. Cos,seriously,who does this for their ex? No matter how nice you are,there must be boundaries! if we get married,is this how she will open our house and our finances to every tom,dick and harry?
This matter has gotten me so angry.

We have not been speaking. I refused to answer her call or messages. I seriously think its over between us. This is too much,I would be a fool to over look this.
However,before I take the next step,I want to find out from our platform members on what they think I should do?

Most importantly,do you guys think she has a soft spot for him? Does she still have feelings for him? Am I over reacting knowing the type of giver that she is? Please let me know what you think?

John (Not real name)

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